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What Is An Instagram Wall? How Can You Use It In Your Event?


Audience engagement plays a crucial role in the success of an event. Therefore, new methods of audience engagement at events have developed in recent years. An Instagram wall is one such audience engagement platform that grab the users attention.

An Instagram wall for events achieves all the major business objectives. So, let’s understand such a marketing boon in detail.

Explanation: Instagram Wall

An Instagram wall is the real-time display of Instagram content in photos, and videos on digital screens. The live Instagram content accumulated using a hashtag, mention, handle or tag keeps getting updated in real-time engaging audiences like nothing else.

An Instagram wall can be used across a variety of events such as a product launch, seminars, conferences, music festivals, etc. 

How Can You Use Instagram Wall At Events?

According to studies, among all social media platforms, Instagram offers 25% more engagement. So, let’s see how you can utilize an Instagram wall the right way to reap benefits.

  • Showcase User-Generated Content

Visual user-generated content that is visually appealing to a wide range of consumers can be displayed on an Instagram wall. This sparks an enthralling response and broadens your visual reach.

Typically, an Instagram Wall is the highlight of the occasion. Like a cool piece of technology on exhibit. Everyone wants to be recognized on this “Wall Of Fame.” This motivates attendees to use your event hashtag to share more of their thoughts, experiences, and amusing moments from the event on social media. This social media promotion of your event strengthens word-of-mouth advertising about it.

It is a successful marketing plan since it generates “word of mouth” publicity for the event. In today’s selfie-obsessed society, a social wall is the greatest approach to draw in customers who would love to post photos of themselves with the wall on social media, amplifying your marketing efforts all by themselves.

  • Display Pre & Post-Event Fun

If you are hosting an event then don’t think that fun can only occur during the event. Yes, of course, the event should be the main attendee attraction but while hosting an event, a lot of fun occurs before and after the event too. 

Connection with your attendees hits different when you share your behind-the-scenes fun with them. By presenting behind the scenes of your event you will make them feel like an integral part of the event which would work in your favor. 

Similarly, when the event is over share all the fun activities you and the attendees did during the event. People are emotional creatures so if you will share photos and videos of your fun event you will convert them into a permanent attendees of your events. 

  • Host Q&A sessions

It’s all on you to liven the event. Event engagement takes care of itself when you involve the attendees in. One such route is holding Q&A sessions. Q&A sessions are a great engagement tool that allows participants to join the conversation and give a break to speakers! 

To take a Q&A session to the next level, you can allow the virtual attendees to join the conversation. The most important benefit of Q&A sessions is that people have a greater idea about the event.

  • Build A Community With The Event Buzz

Through various hashtag campaigns, live Instagram feed campaigns, and connecting event participants through an Instagram wall create a community. The likelihood that your audience will respond to you in the future likely increases as a result.

An Instagram wall is a fantastic platform for starting a discussion about your event. This not only draws people to your current event. But also builds a basis for future attendees from individuals who were unable to attend this year but heard about it or saw it on an Instagram wall.

An Instagram wall encourages users to share more information about your event online, which raises awareness of it.

A brand’s or an event marketing strategy’s popularity among the general public increases with how socially active it is. Even when the event has ended, it prevents the spark from fading for days. More people will attend your event the next year thanks to this.

  • Promote Your Sponsors & Speakers

Sponsors & speakers are an integral part of any event. If you will promote them through the Instagram wall you will only serve yourself. Post their handle or hashtag along with your content on Instagram which they will reshare boosting your event’s awareness in the process. 

Wrapping Up!

Instagram wall when used with the right content can be a great tool to boost audience engagement. In this blog, we made you understand what an Instagram wall is.

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