About Boilers and Precautions to Take While Using Them


Gone are the days when people used to heat water on the stove, and that’s how they used to get it for drinking. With the inception of the boiler, everything has become pretty simple. Electric boilers are very useful for various purposes, and one of the main purposes of the boiler is to heat water. People also use the boiler for taking steam, but that’s a rare case. Most of the common uses of a boiler are to heat the hot water for various purposes, like making tea, which is one of the main and pivotal purposes of a boiler. So, there are many people who use the boiler.

Commercial Boilers- 

One of the things that people should know about boiler parts is that, in a common form of a boiler, there are not many outside or exterior parts to it. A commercial boiler’s main components include the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, controls, supply and return lines, circulator pump, and exhaust stack. But that’s the case with commercial boilers and not the boilers that one uses at home. There are many things that people should know about the boiler that they are using for home purposes.

Don’t Wash the Electric Boilers- 

The first and foremost thing is that boiler parts, especially if it is a commercial boiler, should be kept neat and clean. Besides that, even the boiler that we use for the home, for steaming or hot water or tea or coffee, should be kept clean from the interior as well as the exterior. The base of the boiler on which the boiler is affixed should also be clean, and besides that, when it is an electric boiler, you have to make sure that you dry clean it and not wash it in the running water, or else the wires will get wet and damaged and there will be a short circuit.

Check the Boilers for Damage- 

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is to always keep a check on the boilers. Usually, in an electric boiler, when you switch it on and the water is heated to the highest level of temperature, then the boiler should automatically turn off and the buttons will get switched off automatically by the boiler, not the switch button. If this doesn’t happen and your boiler is throwing out the water and reaching its highest temperature, then there may be some problem with the thermostat, which you need to get checked.

Purchase a New Boiler- 

If your boiler’s thermostat is not reparable, then it is suggested that you don’t use that boiler as it can be dangerous and you should buy a new boiler that functions properly. Also, for the proper functioning of the boiler, it is suggested that you keep the boiler in perfect condition, i.e., neat and clean. You can take a damp cloth and wipe the inside of the boiler, and for the boilers which are not attached with electric wires, those boilers can be cleaned under the faucet water. Provided you’re careful that the button on the top doesn’t get wet or exposed to too much water.

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