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Top 5 trekking in kasol



Kasol one of the most popular spot of tourists attraction in Himachal is situated in Parvati valley . It’s majorly famous for its various trekking spots and attracts large number of trekkers every year and almost at every season of the year. Well if you are visiting Kasol it’s a slight possibility that you might be puzzled about which trek you want to do among all the treks near kasol , which is the most  wonderful place you want to visit and which you don’t want to miss . Or if you have a limited time period to explore or travel and you can’t  visit all of them and you are looking for the top treks which gives you all the kasol experience you want to feel .Then here are the top 5 treks in Kasol to do .

  • Kheerganga 
  • Tosh
  • Malana
  • Sar pass
  • Pin parvati


Located at 2592m above sea level in deep Parvati valley. It is the most popular , most thrilling and most exciting trek for every trekker present near Kasol . And you can go any time any season of the year to witness the breathtaking views of numerous waterfalls , narrow terrains and natural hot springs near the valley .With breathtaking view of mountains , pleasant meadows , breezy greenery around and chilling temperature this trek gives is surreal . Also there are few isolated villages with only 30-40 people in every village. So there is lot to explore starting from Barshaini to the Kheerganga every view around is surreal.

  • Tosh 

Tosh is also one of those popular trekking sites where lot of trekkers visit every year . It is elevated at 2400m on the banks of Parvati river this trek takes 6 km to complete starting from Bharsaini which is 22 km from Kasol .It takes 2 days to complete the trek . Visiting during summer will greet you with Himalayan blue poppies ,Marsh marigold and Balasm flowers . Known for its beautiful and delightful apple orchards , wooden house , glaciers, lush green valleys , waterfalls , snow capped mountains and The Parvati river, it gives breathtaking views of greenery and magnificent mountains . And in the evening you can soak in with the warmth of a bonfire and connect with people around. Psychedelic parties and trance parties are also organised once a year .

  • Malana 

Located 2652 m above sea level Malana is a beautiful trekking spot . You can also locate temples like Jamlu temple and Rukhmani temple with wooden carvings and deer heads . There are a lot of sources of attraction like the snappy appearance of malanese or the beautiful guesthouse or warm homestays. This trek is accessible throughout the year . Camping near a waterfall will be an awesome idea So overall  its an awesome and peaceful place to be in where you can sit in the lap of nature and just breathe. 

  • Sar pass

This trek in total covers a distance of 9 km and is at 13950ft above sea level. It has beautiful landscapes , forests of pines and grooves of rhodendrons , meadows and ice blankets . To paas from Tita lotni to bisleri ridge you have to pass a frozen lake called Sar and hence the name is given Sar pass . It takes 5 days to complete the trek witnessing waterfalls and a majestic view of this place .

  • Pin parvati pass

Pin Parvati pass is elevated at 5319m   with a trek journey starting from cold dry mountains to Parvati valley of rich biodiversity . Hot water springs at parvati kund are also present at the end of the trek near kheerganga which is so relieving to be with. It links kullu’s Parvati to spiti’s Pin valley and hence named as Pin Parvati valley. Though it is a very daring and daunting trekking site with tremendous Parvati river crossing , sudden Rockfalls and landslides, everything is just worth facing when you watch the mesmerising beauty of Mountains and verdant meadows of Parvati valleys there . And if you really want to explore everything from Buddhist village to kund to every natural view you have to give more days to this beautiful mesmerising place.


So overall exploring Kasol is an awesome experience. From snow capped mountains to strikingly beautiful Parvati valley , meadows , woodlands , chilling weather , cool breeze , spiritual visits to temple , sitting in silence and solitude with nature are all wonderful to experience . And ofcourse to experience that you need to do trekking in narrow lanes , sudden Rock falls , landslides and a lot more. So besides exploring all the beautiful views and valleys you also have to explore your venturesome side . How far you can go ! How much you can face ! Well you got to tell your heart that it is daredevil!!!!So anyway we hope you get all the peace , adventure and solitude you want to feel in your next adventure with this trek .

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