The Bhrigu Lake Trek: An Ultimate Travel Guide for Trekkers & Backpackers  



The Bhrigu Lake is situated in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. But to reach there, you will have to get down at Gulaba from your vehicle and then start a trek. To reach Gulaba there are various taxi services available from Manali. This trek is well connected with most of the important towns and cities. Our article aims to provide you with all the details that you would need to spend a good satisfying vacation at this destination.

About Bhrigu Lake:

Like every other lake that feeds a civilization, Bhrigu Lake too has its own share of mythology associated with itself. It is believed that the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu sat in deep meditation at this very place. It is believed that the sacred meditation of Maharishi Bhrigu purified the lake and the space around it, making it holy. The reason behind a lot of trekkers opting for this trail is because of the lake along with the widespread of its grasslands. The grassland of this lake stretches wide and afar like an endless carpet which will be a serene experience for you. From these grassy meadows, one can witness the majestic mountains of Pir and Dhauladhar, standing tall and dominating the skyline. While trekking you will be mesmerised by the changing shape, colour, and texture of the meadows which stay with you right until Bhrigu Lake.

Overview of the trek:

·   Difficulty level: based on the length of the trek, the nature of the terrain, the highest altitude, etc, the Brighu lake trek is a moderate trek on a difficulty level ranging from easy to difficult. If you are a fit first-timer, then this trek is best for you.

·   No. of days required: considering you have arrived at Manali, it would require 3-4 days to explore this trek and its attractions to their fullest.

·   Maximum altitude:  The maximum altitude for this trek is about 14000 ft.

·   Best time to visit: The best time to visit this place are the months of May, June, September, and October as the trek is closed in the months of winter due to its harsh temperature. Summertime gives you the chance to witness the newly blossoming flowers beside the lake and the greenery of the nearby valleys

Must have things in your backpack:

When you are up for this trek make sure you are carrying these essentials along with you.

Carry original as well as some photocopies of a government photo identity card. This can be your driver’s licence, Aadhaar card, or passport.

Considering the unpredictable weather condition, you should always be carrying a down jacket, woollen trousers, rain gear, and a sweater. Pack an emergency kit for your trek with a first aid kit, bandages, and some medicines for headache, fever, etc.

A trek like this one can be very exhausting, therefore you should be carrying with you some instant source of energy which can be chocolate bars, nuts, or glucose powders.

Make sure to add a moisturiser, and a lip balm in your rucksack as the weather up there will make your skin go dry in no time.

General itinerary plan for the trek:

Day 1:

Altitude: 6725 ft to 10285 ft

Once arrived at Manali, drive from Manali to Gulaba Roadhead and trek to Jonker Thatch. The drive distance is 24 km which requires an hour while the trek distance is 1.5 km requiring 1.5 hours.

Day 2:

Altitude: 10285 ft to 12590 ft

Trek from Jonker Thatch to Rola Kholi. This trek would require 3-4 hours to cover 5 km.

Day 3:

Altitude: 12590 ft to 14000 ft

Trek from Rola Kholi to Lake Bhrigu and then back to Rola Kholi. The trek duration is 7-8 hrs required to cover 10 km.

Day 4:

Altitude: 12590 ft to 9870 ft (descend)

Trek from Rola Kholi to Gulaba which is 5 km long and would take 7-8 hrs to cover. Then drive back to Manali.

How to reach Bhrigu Lake:

By air: the nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport which is situated in Kullu that is 52 km away from Manali. You can choose various flights to Kullu from Chandigarh or Delhi.

By road: Chandigarh and Delhi are the main cities that are connected to Manali through the road. You can take buses from Delhi to Manali to reach your campsite.

Additional safety tips to be followed on your trek

  1. The trail becomes very muddy and slippery from July to august as it rains a lot during this time. Therefore, one should be prepared with footwear with a good grip to trek on the slushy sections.
  2.  It is not advisable and is very risky to trek solo to Bhrigu Lake if you are not very well aware of the region. The trail disappears on various occasions and therefore the probability of getting lost is very high.
  3. The Bhrigu Lake is a very steep climb. So, in case you are planning to trek within a day, you should be paying more attention to any signs of altitude sickness
  4. Weather conditions play a very important role in your trekking plans. It can rain abruptly at any time, lasting for hours. In heavy rainy conditions, it is advised to stop wherever you are and wait for the rain to ease

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