Export Yahoo Mailbox to MS Outlook

How to Export Yahoo Mailbox to MS Outlook


It is now widely known that Yahoo Mail app isn’t supported on Windows 10 and many users have begun to switch between Yahoo and Outlook. However, they cannot transfer Mail folders that they have created from Yahoo in Outlook. In this article I’ll tell that you the best way to export Yahoo mail to MS Outlook.

Free Manual Steps to Export Yahoo Mail to MS Outlook

  • Log into Your Outlook Account
  • In the upper-right corner, click on the the Gear icon to open settings . Then click on Connected Accounts..
  • Now, select the Another Email Accountsoption.
  • In the the Connect your Yahoo account option, type in the credentials for the account you have on Yahoo email account.
  • Select Choice 1 and create a separate folder to store all Yahoo emails, or the second option to import Yahoo emails into the folders already in place.
  • If everything is perfect, you’ll receive an email confirmation that says your Yahoo account has been successfully connected as well as your folders for email have been transferred to Outlook.

I’m sure you’ve successfully import all your Yahoo mail folders to MS Outlook. If you encounter any difficulties with the manual process then you may test Yahoo Mail Converter Software that lets you convert your Yahoo mail to different formats.

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The options for conversion are not restricted to Outlook however, you are able to convert Yahoo messages in Gmail, Thunderbird, and Hotmail. To expand your options, you’ll require a professional application. This program will certainly help to export Mail folders from Yahoo Mail to MS Outlook as well as other mail clients.

Method to Export Yahoo Mail Folders to Outlook through Software

  • Start Yahoo Mail Backup Software and Enter the Yahoo Mail Email I.D. and Password.
  • Now, under email format select Microsoft Outlook and click  next button.
  • Log in using Your Microsoft Outlook credentials and then log in.
  • The exporting process begins when it’s finished you’ll get an notification.

Then you need to sign in to your Outlook Account and then you’ll be able to view all of you Yahoo Emails and their folder are added to the Outlook Account. I would suggest that the second approach is more suitable for beginners or non-technical users.

Before I wrap up, I’d like to explain the difference between the Professional method and the manual method of exporting Yahoo Mails to Outlook.

Difference between the Manual and Professional Methods of Conversion

BasisProfessional MethodManual Method
Time ConsumptionExports Yahoo Mail to Outlook within minutes.It takes a lot of time.
Accuracy100% accuracy of conversion.Risks of losing data.
ExpertiseThere is no need for technical expertise.The company requires technical expertise.
ConversionConverts Yahoo Emails to other file formats, too.Only converts Yahoo Mail to Outlook.
Data LossZero chance of data loss.Not 100% accurate.

It is now my belief that you have made your choice and decided which one will be the most suitable for you. If you’d prefer an automated conversion, then you can use the first method but I’ve explained to you disadvantages to using manual techniques. Therefore, you must first think about the issue before you decide to go with the migration of emails. The final option you’re stuck with would be Yahoo Backup Tool and it’ll work with no doubt.


I hope that my post been helpful to you, and you now know how to transfer mail folders from Yahoo to Outlook. Try the manual method first, and If it doesn’t work, you can try the second method to transfer Yahoo Emails into MS Outlook Account. Your choice is yours to make.

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