Music in Chicago Coming Weekend

Enjoy Listening to Live Music in Chicago Coming Weekend


Want to satisfy your need for live events? Comedy and concerts are returning to Chicago. Numerous of the city’s most renowned venues are reopening, presenting performances by the greatest and brightest local artists alongside acts from throughout the country and on tour.

The entire city has been reopened, albeit some locations may still have social distance, masking, or vaccine requirements. Before leaving, make sure to check with each venue.

See where you can catch live comedy, drag shows, and live music in Chicago right now.

Schubas Tavern

Schubas Tavern is another fantastic venue to enjoy live music. In fact, this is among the best in America, according to Rolling Stone Magazine! For more than 20 years, the tavern on Southport has featured live music every single night. You can listen to any kind of music you desire in this fantastic pub! Schubas’ bands perform a wide range of music, including country, jazz, pop, and honky tonk. Additionally, they have a delectable grill, so you can eat, drink, and have a good time while enjoying live music!

Bottom Lounge

Few venues in the city have as many different acts performing as Bottom Lounge. Late in July, they’re scheduled to start performing live again with a sold-out All-Time Low set. Remember that most performances at Bottom Lounge are open to patrons of all ages or at least seventeen, which is wonderful for youthful concertgoers but perhaps not the best setting for a more adult crowd.


The Hideout is the place to go if you’re searching for a famous Chicago venue that’s a little off the beaten path. It’s not a destination for individuals who require luxuries; rather, those who are content with nothing more than good company and excellent music call it home. The patio is still the location of most performances.

Cubby Bear

If you enjoy baseball and are familiar with the Wrigleyville neighborhood, stop by The Cubby Bear for delicious food and exciting entertainment! There are frequent live performances, and the bands play music from different eras and styles, including reggae, metal, and the 1980s! Every night of the week, they often have live music, with both local and international bands. Locals frequently rank The Cubby Bear as one of the top places to hear live music!

Sleeping Village

The Avondale neighborhood’s Sleeping Village is a fantastic place to enjoy live music or simply get a drink. A $1 beer night is usually worth checking out because you can find some fantastic bands playing at a reasonably priced ticket.

Grapes and Grain

The motto for GG’s live music roster is “Sexy, sensual melodies by local talent practically every night of the week.” Our popular neighborhood restaurant is now expanding its menu to include music.

Come sing along with them for Christmas if you haven’t made any plans yet. Alternately, go out on a whim and try to get a seat at one of their music evenings.

The Green Mill

If you haven’t gone to The Green Mill, you haven’t been to Chicago. And if you’re a local, you already know that this place is sacred to fans of live music. They virtually always feature live music lineups, and their website has a complete calendar.

Bring a casual outfit or dress up. You’ll experience the kind of vintage intimacy that can only be found in a live lounge at The Green Mill.

A Conclusion

Whatever genre of music you want, you can probably find it live in Chicago, on stage, and almost certainly at a welcoming, relaxed neighborhood pub. Why not make a night of it because these bars also serve delicious food? Get comfortable, place a food order, take in some fantastic regional, and enjoy international music and comedy shows in Chicago!

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