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A Guide To Pursuing Architecture Course In Canada 


When it comes to studying abroad, most students tend to prefer to move to Canada. Undoubtedly, this country has been always renowned for exceptional educational standards. Its universities have always managed to grab good positions in the world rankings. Also, the quality of life, cultural diversity, immigrant-friendly policy, etc are some other reasons why students are attracted to move to Canada for higher studies. Though there are plenty of courses to choose from while pursuing higher education abroad, many students prefer to pursue architecture in Canada. Thus,  it is a unique field blending scientific concepts with art. 

Hence, if you have planned to study architecture in Canada then you have surely opened the doors to an enthralling and exciting experience.  You will receive a quality education in the architecture schools of  Canada and take your career and aspirations to newer heights. Therefore, you must consider all the options before you move to Canada. However, it is very important that you seek the services of the most reliable study visa consultants who can guide you very well. 

Read the below article to get clear and concise information about architecture courses in Canada

Why choose Canada?

According to numerous studies, the architecture sector in Canada is going to see a huge boom. It will lead to the generation of several jobs. So, you will be to secure a bright career there. 

  • The average salary paid to architects in Canada is quite good. Therefore,  you should consider moving to Canada for pursuing architecture  
  • Aspirants have the option to pursue master’s degrees in architecture at the world-renowned architecture colleges in Canada. Hence, these colleges will provide them with good exposure and many other opportunities 
  • Canadian cities like Ontario, Manitoba,  Quebec, and Saskatchewan have a huge demand for efficient architects. So, you can easily relocate to these vibrant cities and enjoy a good life.
  • The top recruiters in this sector include prestigious names like 

           Diamond & Schmitt Architects,

           IBI Group Inc, 

           Perkins & Will

Therefore, there are several reasons to plan your study in Canada

Top  architecture courses to pursue in Canada

  • M. Arch Architectural Design
  • Masters in Collective Housing
  • Master of Science Degree in Advanced Architectural Design
  • Master of Science in Architecture and Urbanism
  • Master of Sciences in Architecture

Now, you are well aware of the reasons to study architecture in Canada and also, the popular courses most students opt for. Therefore, lets us move to the next vital part- the universities. So, there is no dearth of the finest architecture colleges in Canada. Many of them have attained reputable ranks and attracted hundreds of international students to their campuses. So, you have to evaluate factors like the location of the university, your financial budget, etc before you zero in on a particular university. 

Top universities to pursue  architecture courses in Canada  

The University of British Columbia 

UBC is undoubtedly one of the best universities to pursue architecture courses in Canada.. Basically, this university focuses on vital core values and offers unique courses to its students. So, you should surely opt for this university if you have made up your mind to study architecture in Canada. 

Courses offered

  • M.Arch
  • Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Urban Design/ advanced studies in landscape architecture

Location- Vancouver

Average fees 

UG- 41,857 CAD

PG- 45,348 CAD

The University  of Toronto 

Another prominent name among the world-class educational institutes, the University of Toronto offers the finest architecture courses. The syllabus is designed in such a way that students receive adequate theoretical and practical knowledge.  Hence, studying here sounds like the ideal opportunity for an aspirant architect because it is situated in the center of Toronto, the Canadian city with the highest reputation for architecture.

Courses offered

  • M.Arch
  • Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Urban Design/ advanced studies in  architecture
  • MUD, MVS

Location- Toronto 

Average fees 

UG- 58,160 CAD

PG- 49,890 CAD

McGill University

 So, another prestigious Canadian university that has produced some of the brightest minds in the world is McGill. Basically, the best architecture programs in Canada are available at McGill. It is ranked quite highly..

 Courses offered

  • BSc (Arch)


  • Doctorate in Architecture
  • Diploma in housing, etc.

Location- Montreal

Average fees 

 UG- 21,787 CAD

PG- 25,725 CAD 

Now you are all well aware of all the top universities in Canada along with the courses and fees they charge. But before planning to move to  Canada the most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar. Actually, they’ll offer you the best guidance and handle the whole process effortlessly. 

 Job Prospects After Studying Architecture in Canada

Furthermore, you can choose to become any of the following once you have finished a course in architecture from Canada- 



  • Technical Architect
  • Building designer
  • Municipal plans examiner
  • Architectural Project Manager
  • Landscape Architect
  • Data Analyst

Wrapping it up

 So, we hope you are now well aware of all the necessary information related to pursuing an architecture course in Canada. Hence, you should head to Canada for an enthralling experience along with the finest education. So, evaluate all the necessary factors and take a well-informed decision. 

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