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Everything you need to know about Beas Kund trek



Our country has no shortage of trekking destinations. Beas Kund trek is one of India’s many treks that can safely fall in the list of the “Must-visit places”.

This article will be a virtual guide for you letting you know all about this particular trek.

About Beas Kund trek:

Beas Kund trek is a trek that will take you to the source of the river Beas, blessing your eyes with mesmerising mountain views of the Pir Panjal Range. The difficulty level for this trek is easy to moderate which means it can safely be visited by a beginner, given that he/she has gone through the necessary safety measures. This trek will take you to Beas Kund, letting let you witness the lush green meadows and the thick forest. This trek will take you uphill to a glacier and it is this glacier that gives birth to the river Beas.

Like every other river that nurtures and feeds a civilization, there is a legend associated with the Beas Kund too. It is believed that the author of the Mahabharata, rishi Vyas used to take bath in this lake. The name Beas is derived from the name Vyas which means the sage while the word Kund means a lake.

Overview of the trek:

·        Difficulty level: As mentioned before the difficulty level for this particular trek will vary from easy to moderate making it safe for beginners to take up.

·        No. of days required: The duration required for this trip would be 3-4 days. It should be noted that this trek duration is the ideal time starting from Manali. So, in case you are travelling from places like Delhi or Mumbai, that would require you furthermore time depending on your mode of transportation. Some people finish off this trek within 2 days, however, if you are planning to relax and enjoy this trip, it would be best to keep 3-4 days in hand.

·        Maximum altitude: the maximum altitude for this trek will be found at the Beas Kund which would be 12772 ft

·        Best time to visit: it is best to visit this place from July to September

·        The starting point for this trip will be Manali and the base camp is situated in the Solang Valley

Some necessary things to carry:

When you are planning to go at an altitude of around 12000 ft, it’s necessary to bag all the essentials, some of which are mentioned below

Carry an original or photocopies of an identity card issued by the government. This can be your Aadhaar card, PAN card, or your driver’s license, etc.

At such a high altitude the weather is unpredictable. It can change abruptly so it’s always safe to carry a rain jacket irrespective of which season you decide to go in. Always get a pair of sunglasses. This will protect your eyes from sun rays as well as keep you safe from snow blindness. Other things like a bar of soap, power bank toilet paper, sun block lotion, pain relief spray, woolen socks, and some basic medicines for flu, upset stomach, fever, and headache are some of the must-haves in your backpack.  Take your water bottle and lunch box to keep yourself well-fed and hydrated. You would come across numerous streams from where you can fill up your bottle

Brief Itinerary for Beas Kund trek:

·        Day 1:

Altitude: 6700 ft to 8150 ft

Travel from Manali to Solang base camp along with a trek to Dhundi. The drive distance is 15km with an estimated 1 hr drive. The trek distance is 8 km which would require 5-6 hours.

·        Day 2:

Altitude: 8150 ft to 12,770 ft

Trek from Dhundi to Bakarthatch and Beas Kund and then back to Dundhi. This would require 8-9 hrs and the trek distance would be approx. of 12km

·        Day 3:

Altitude: 8150 ft to 6730 ft

Trek back from Dhundi to Solang Valley and then drive to Manali. An overall 6-7 hr would be required for this with a drive distance of 15km and the trek distance of 8 km.

How to reach:

·        By air:  

Bhuntar is the nearest airport which is approximately 50 km away from Manali. Many domestic flights connect Chandigarh and Delhi to Bhuntar. You can take a taxi to Manali once you reach Bhuntar airport.

·        By train:

 Ambala Cantt is 200 km away from Manali and is the closest train station.

·        By road: 

is connected to several cities by roadways. You can take private buses from different places including Dehradun, Delhi, Ambala, etc

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