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Air Hostess? Qualifications, Courses & Training, Employment, and Salary Information



Since the income of air hostesses in India is extremely high It is no wonder that an air hostess position can be a rewarding profession. Learn to be an air hostess. Also, find out the requirements, costs and the courses.

Many of the upcoming graduates from India are aspiring to become air hostesses, one of the most prominent careers. For girls who are young working being an air hostess the ultimate dream.

This job is well-paying and allows you to interact with people from all over the world. You can travel to other destinations; you meet business titans and famous people as well as gain knowledge.

The work of an Air Hostess may seem straightforward, however, she’s responsible for many tasks to perform on the plane, and it’s certainly not simple.

She is accountable for welcoming all passengers, working with the security team, making the journey enjoyable for passengers, helping passengers with seating selection and more.

Be patient

Furthermore, the Air Hostess needs to manage difficult passengers, while remaining calm and patient. Air hostesses tend to be women but men who take up the job are called ‘Stewards.’

A female air hostess

Then the Air Hostess can move up as a Senior Flight Attendant, and then Head Attendant.

The typical career path of an air hostess spans 8 to 10 years. following that, she could switch to groundwork including Check Hostess, Air Hostess Training Ground Hostess education, or even management-level jobs.

Your personality is more important than your education when it comes to securing an Air Hostess.

Qualifications and Eligibility for Air Hostesses

There are four different types of requirements to be eligible for an Air Hostess.

1. Air Hostess Course Educational Requirements

The minimum education requirement required to be eligible for the Air Hostess program is a 10+2 diploma. It is among the most gorgeous courses to follow after graduation. If you’re interested in PG Air Hostess classes, However, you must possess a bachelor’s degree.

While some academies provide classes for students who are just finishing the 10th grade, they shouldn’t enrol since it is better to sign up after you’ve completed the 12th class.

Additionally, you must be proficient also in Hindi, English, and other foreign languages.

2. Marital Status and Age

Academies typically prefer students between 17 and 26.

While they would prefer single women, however, some institutes will take married women.

3. Physical Requirements

It’s all about the way you behave and the way you appear when you’re working for the air hostess. We’ll talk about behavioural skills in the following part however, first take a look at some of the physical requirements institutions to have.

The minimum height that is required must be 5.2″ (157 centimetres). The weight of the candidate must be proportional to height. Your skin’s appearance is vital and should be fair to disclose your physical health

4. Medical Problems

Medical qualifications are mandatory to perform Air Hostess duties, just like physical standards.

Candidates must not possess a history of mental health or a history of mental illness. The minimum requirement for vision is 6/9. Some airlines will give a concession. It is best if you did not suffer from any serious disease.

Therefore, there was a range of requirements to be air hostesses.

The ability to behave is required

Educational and physical as well as medications are not sufficient to qualify as the Air Hostess. If you have more qualifications then it could be advantageous. Candidates for this job should have certain behavioural characteristics that are reflective of their character.

A pleasant personality is crucial and so is a pleasing appearance and beautiful voice. You should treat the passengers in the air with respect. Air Hostess should have an outgoing, warm personality.

Communication Skills:

It is essential to talk to travellers and offer assistance when they require help. Improved when it comes to convincing passengers, excellent communication skills are crucial. The ability to communicate in a language is essential in this case.

Presence of Mind:

In the event of an emergency landing, the Air Hostess has to utilize her mind to give the necessary instructions to the passengers who are naive and are on board. In these instances, they should show a strong presence in the mind.


To hire Air Hostesses, each airline company conducts an exam. The process for selecting a hostess can be divided into three stages.

Written Test: The test tests your thinking and aptitude abilities. The format of the exam is similar to other competitive exams, which include multiple-choice, objective questions.

In the end, you can prepare for the exam similar to how students are preparing for other competitive exams.

Group Dynamics, also known as GD is the second stage, where you’ll be evaluated on your mental acuity as well as your teamwork skills, communication skills as well as leadership skills and your attitude in addition to other things.

In this way, it is recommended that you attend the discussion with a plan.

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